AAU Club Championships @ Disney ESPN

The Metro Eagles  took 45 student-athletes to Disney for the Club Championship, in which the Metro Eagles had won it 5 times in the past.  We took a young team and was very impressed on how they stood up to the competition.

Our MVP for the meet was one of our youngest student-athletes…Little man  Cris Walker.  He won the 100 with 14.2, 3rd in the 200- 29.3 and 2nd in the 400 wit a PR of 1:06.3.  Remarkable.  Not far behind him was our 10 year olds.  Wes  Noble with 3rd pl in the 400 63 and 200 with 27.  Jelani 6th in the 1500 and 9th in the 800 and Aaron Brown took 8th in the 800. We had many new student-athletes come to compete and hit PR’s in their individual field and running events. Special shot outs to our MG on their hurdles and our throwers Nathan had a PR …shout out to Troi on her PR in the discus. We had many student-athletes medal in their individuals and we are extremely please with this.

Our older student-athletes got a shot of reality….when you go to a larger meet you must step up your game!  We will see if they will be ready for AAU Nationals Aug 1-Aug. 8 in Virginia Beach.

Some pictures from The 19th Annual AAU Club Championships from Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports!



DSCI1262 DSCI1328 DSCI1341 DSCI1383 DSCI1386 DSCI1446  DSCI1471 DSCI1347 DSCI1350 DSCI1390 DSCI1475


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