AAU National JR Olympics 2015

AAU Nationals was BRUTAL!  Everyone got a rude awakening! The young people from the east, south, west and north came there on a mission. They were taking no prisoners. There are few athletic scholarships out there and the top 8 in each division and gender laid claim to it. The times and distances that these young people attained were mind boggling,
The season was tough and the nationals were tougher. But we will take a break… then review the season and then get back on the horse with training for cross country. We did have a few highlights for the season. Leading the way was my two little athletes Chris Walker he placed 2nd in the 100m and 3rd in the 200m. Also, Ashley Fulton finished 3rd in the multi events. We had many make it back to the semi finals and then fell short in making it to the finals. There were many PR’s but only 3 cigars.
But we bought back more experience than they could have received if we just told them about the old days and countless celebrations and awards that this team had won during the 90’s thru the new millennium . It’s tough and only the strong survives. So, we will lick our wounds, learn from our errors , DSCI1478 DSCI1496  DSCI1481 DSCI1493 DSCI1486 DSCI1480 DSCI1485 DSCI1482 DSCI1487 DSCI1561 DSCI1548 DSCI1567 DSCI1479 DSCI1499 DSCI1497 DSCI1504 DSCI1500 DSCI1501 DSCI1511 DSCI1506 DSCI1512 DSCI1520 DSCI1530 DSCI1534 DSCI1589 DSCI1529 DSCI1515 DSCI1665 work harder and diligently while waiting for the opportunity to compete in this meet next year!

Thank you to the Coaches, Parents, Volunteers and all those who helped to make this year a big success!




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