Fall XC Classic Results

DSCI2097 DSCI2113 (1) DSCI2127ResultResults – 6

DSCI2069 (1) DSCI2071 (1) DSCI2063 (1) DSCI2068 DSCI2075 (1) DSCI2087 (1) DSCI2100 (1) DSCI2090 (1) DSCI2118 (1) DSCI2103 DSCI2165 DSCI2134 DSCI2228 (1) DSCI2099 DSCI2202 (1) DSCI2205


It was a beautiful day.  We had  a day shared with the all important Breast Cancer walk.   We shared Cunningham park with  St Johns University and their Annual XC Meet.  The Teams that came out enjoyed themselves and the athletes had great competition.  Continued success in the ongoing cross country season.  The AAU NY National Qualifier will be Nov 14, 2015.  Registration is now open on Coach O.

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