This is our Annual Alumni Dinner Dance.  How many Alumni, Family and Friends will come out of the wood works to have a good time and help a Good Thing keep going?  Every Spring after a Grueling but Aspiring Indoor Season we kick off our sneakers and pull off the sweats to clean up and step on the dance floor.  We show that our talents are limitless.

The  student-athletes had a successful indoor season with Milrose Games, New Balance Games,  Colgate Women Games,  Mid Season Invitational Championships,  USATF NY Championships and Hershey National Indoor Championships.  The Metro Eagles Track and Field Team under the leadership of Head Coaches J. Wilkerson and R. Hopkins have been doing this for a long time.  We have a strong support TEAM of Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Parents, Family, and Professionals who VOLUNTEER their time to make this WORK.  And to you we say THANK YOU!

But we need donations to keep this going. We have this Dinner Dance for Fun and we would like our Alumni and friends to commit to donate just $1 a month to help us with keeping the program alive.  You would be surprised how far that could go. Or those who still live in the NY area to donate 2 hrs a month would be fantastic.  Just remember what this team meant to you during your time with the organization.  We could always use the help.  And the donation of fruit and water is vital towards practice.  Give us a call. But come out and join us on the dance floor or drop us the cost of a ticket as a donation through our donation button.  And always remember:

“Metro Eagles always soar high toward,EXCELLENCE!”

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