Stay Safe

We are in a different time in our world today. We are experiencing an world wide Pandemic. COVID19 is a very serious virus that could be and has been a FATAL illness. There is no cure for it at this present time. Please everyone listen to what the leaders in your community are saying: stay home, sanitize, mask up when you have to leave your home. But most important don’t leave your home if sit is not an emergency. Be smart and stay safe!

As of today all AAU events are on hold. USATF have cancelled there National Junior Olympics. In NY all parks are closed until May. On April 30, we will see if the close down will go longer or be lifted.

Since everyone is stuck inside or running by themselves for a while. Here is some fun exercises that the family on a whole could partake in. Enjoy
Attachments areaPreview YouTube video Chicken Fat Song (2020 Version!)

Chicken Fat Song (2020 Version!)


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