About Us

We Are The Metro Eagles

The Metro Eagles Organization est. 1990 has an assortment of talent working with them to help the families and community produce well rounded youth. There are 5 levels of young people thru teenagers that they train many of these young people have gone on to break or establish many youth age group records. The majority of our student athletes have gone on to attend numerous well known Universities, Ivy League and historically black colleges. They have succeeded. Why Because of the discipline, that they are taught through track and field.  Many of our student-athletes excel in school, and in the community because they learn how to budget their time with their studies, training schedule, home schedule and social life. These statements are a fact not a wish list. They have no time for gang activity or other foolishness. Their gang is prospering thru their studies, to attain scholarship and young life fulfillment to take them to the next level.  So, the sky truly is the limit.

Our Mission

This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Here is the chance for you to help make the difference in the direction that our youth will go today. You can make the difference between poverty in our youth’s mind or our youths reaching and fulfilling their potential.

The Metro Eagles Track Club needs and welcomes your support. There are so many negative influences in our society today, and many of our youth are headed for self-destruction. You can help put a permanent halt to that tragically destructive process. The Metro Eagles Track Club is committed to the upward mobility and progress of our youth. As a result, we have set up meaningful programs to assist in the proper guidance of our youth, so that they can become assets to our community, and society as a whole.

We are more than just an organization to promote physical recreation. We are here to provide and motivate total mind expansion. Our goals include: Teaching self-esteem, self-respect, education, economics, and travel.

Scholarship–good grades when combined with athletic ability can lead to a track scholarship. The track program will provide activity for idle time. It will also supply a constructive outlet for healthy competition which leads to mental and emotional growth, practice in thinking positive.

Foster team spirit-young people feel a basic need to belong to a group and the track club will furnish the youth with a positive alternative to gangs and other negative social behaviors.

In order for this to become possible we need you, the community, to take an active part. We need donations, and volunteers to enable us to nurture these young people to become productive adults. The ball is in your court. Please help us help your children, our community and our future. If we don’ t support our youth, then who will?

For more information: Contact: Coach J. Wilkerson (718)528-5855 or Coach Hopkins (718) 949-5511

Metroeaglestrack@gmail.com or jwtops5@yahoo.com

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